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air conditioning nestNeed to know if it’s air conditioning repair time? Picture this. You’ve had a really, really, really long day. You’ve just finished a grueling work week, sat in traffic and then you come home to a warm, muggy and humid house. You check the thermostat and it reads 72° but it feels more like 92°.  You do whatever everyone else does. You turn your air conditioning off, then with fingers crossed, you turn it back on.  Silence… you hear nothing. You feel no cold air or any air at all! It’s air conditioning repair time.

Click. Clack. BOOM!

Very rarely does the air conditioner magically turn back on to pump out that glorious cool, crisp air when it starts making noises.  Instead, what you may hear is high-pitched squealing or screaming sounds (and we aren’t talking about the noises you are making). Now, some air conditioners do make noise when starting up, but if the noises you are experiencing are very loud and abnormal for a mechanical process, then you have a serious problem. We recommend turning off your air conditioning power supply from the breaker, then, call Home-Tech.

The Sounds of Air ConditioningSP32-20150910-155736

Every single piece of machinery makes a noise and air conditioning systems are no exception. They may click on and off, you may hear the occasional buzzing as the system gets ready to blast out the cold air, and you may hear a soft hiss when it revs down. It is the unusual noises that you need to listen for, like the rattling, popping, groaning, clunking and vibrating sounds that are signals that something is wrong. Pin point where the noises are coming from, so when Home-Tech comes out to perform your air conditioning repair service, we can hone in on the problem right away.

water dripThe Drippity Drip, Drip

Have you ever heard yourself utter these words, “Where is this water or fluid coming from?”  Yeah, I thought so. We all have. Chances are, it can be coming from your air conditioner. If water has pooled around the condenser unit, or if the fluid is unidentifiable to you, it could be leaking refrigerant. This is a perfect example of when you need to call Home-Tech right away for air conditioning repair time. Freon is a dangerous substance, and shouldn’t be inhaled.

Warning Signs- You Need Air Conditioning Repair

1. AC is blowing out warm air

2. The air conditioning unit won’t turn off or on

3. Your AC continuously runs in cool mode without switching off

4. Leaks around air conditioning unit

5. Uneven cooling of home – some rooms are warmer than others

6. Strange  noises coming from the cooling unit

7. Anything else that seems unusual for your heating/cooling system

AC RepairHome-Tech for Air Conditioning Repair Time Rescue

Home-Tech repairs all brands of air conditioning systems and has been the regional leader in air conditioning repair since 1981. We employee licensed, NATE certified technicians who will provide a superior service performance on your air conditioning. Home-Tech also provides Service Agreements to cover your AC repairs as well as major home appliances.

If you have a malfunctioning air conditioner and are in need of repair, go with Home-Tech where the First Call’s On UsTo learn more about Home-Tech and our air conditioning repair services or to schedule service, call us at 800-800-8356.

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