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technician-performing-water-heater-maintenance Since most of us have our water heater tucked away in a garage, attic or closet, it’s a major appliance we don’t often think about.  But the day you step in the shower and have no hot steamy water gushing over you is the day that water heater maintenance comes to the top of your mind.  Having hot water when we want it is a luxury that we all rely on.  Part of Home-Tech’s expertise is water heater appliance repair and selling hot water heaters.  So we are excited to share some of our knowledge to help you take some of the mystery out of this “hidden” appliance.

1. Clean it Out Once a Year

Most of the areas of Florida have very hard water which is loaded with lots of minerals.  So, minerals, dirt and sediment are accumulating in your water heater every day.  This grime piling up in the bottom of it will cause it to rust as well as ruin the water heater’s efficiency.  If you aren’t removing this sediment it will cost you more money to operate it and ultimately to replace it.  If you haven’t replaced a water heater for awhile you might be surprised to learn that a standard 40 gallon tank runs between $500 and $600!  It pays to take care of this major appliance.  If you have never drained the sediment from your water heater before, this article might be helpful to you.

2. Get Leaks Fixed Right Away

If you have something leaking in your home like a faucet, a shower head or pipe it can cost you money.  Between the cost of the water heater running to heat it and the loss of water it can be a $1 per month/per drip.  If your water heater tank is leaking, it’s time for a new water heater.  You can shop for water heaters with Home-Tech in one of our two showrooms or call today to speak to one of our appliance specialists and get a quote.  (800) 800-8356

3. Water Heater Maintenance Includes Shower Heads and Faucets

Is your shower head saving you hot water and energy or costing you more money?  Here’s how to find out.  Place a one gallon bucket in your shower and turn on your water like you would if you were in the shower. Catch the water in the bucket and time how many seconds it takes for it to fill the bucket.  If it’s less than 20 seconds, it’s time for a low-flow shower head.

4. Get A New Dishwasher and Washing Machineappliance repair dishwasher

Heating water for your dishwasher and washing machine adds up.  It’s the biggest cost to getting your dishes and clothing clean.  You might think you are saving money by washing dishes by hand, but if you do it several times a day it actually costs more than running a full load in an energy efficient dishwasher.  Home-Tech is here to help you shop for a new energy efficient dishwasher.  We have many brands and models, including those with a booster heater that increases the water temperature to 140 degrees to get your dishes sparkling clean.

Dishwashers with a booster heater will cost a bit more, but pay for themselves in one year due to the fact you can keep your water heater temperature lower.  Also new dishwashers offer shorter cycles that require less water and save you money.  New efficient washers allow you to wash your clothes on cold settings.  Front loader washers use less water which will spare your water heater from having to heat so much.  Home-Tech offers a full selection of washers in all the top brands.  You can shop online for dishwashers and washers anytime, day or night at www.home-tech.us.

appliance repair service agreement5. Best Tip – Get a Service Agreement with Plumbing and Electrical Coverage

You just can’t beat Home-Tech’s peace of mind coverage, knowing that if anything goes wrong with your water heater or any other major appliance in your home, we will repair it or replace it.  With the Plumbing and Electrical Option added to your Service Agreement, you have coverage for one 40 gallon water heater if it leaks, has pressure relief valve problems or needs to be completely replaced.  You can research our Service Agreement online or call one of our specialists for more information.  (800) 800-8356 Ext. 2

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