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world turtle day

Photo Credit Ricki Cole

Happy World Turtle Day! Now How Can We Celebrate?

Today is World Turtle Day. Yes, it’s an actual day celebrated by many who love wildlife. In SW Florida, which is crawling with so many turtles everywhere on land and sea, we are reminded of them often. You see them crossing the road and do your best not to run over them. One might poke his head up in your garden. Last year on a boat ride just off the shore of Sanibel, I got to witness two giant sea turtles swimming together and mating, resulting in those little nests full of eggs on the protected areas of our beaches. Yes turtles are a valuable part of our ecosystem here and many care about them.

Turtles Are Endangered! Support CROW Crow Logo

For over 50 years the Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife has been doing just that. They take in all wildlife patients and end up helping around 3500 a year. Thank you so much CROW for doing this! They currently have a turtle patient listed on their website. He was caught in a shrimp net and half drowned. Poor little fellow. If you find a turtle that needs a rescue CROW suggests you keep it in a box with a damp rag under it until you can get it to their facility.

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Photo Credit CROW Clinic

Home-Tech has been supporting CROW for many years by giving them reduced rates on needed air conditioning and appliance repairs. We are happy to help!

A Turtle’s Home is Very Important to Him

He’s always carrying it around with him, isn’t he? Some turtles can pull their head back into their shells for protection and some can’t. Speaking of  home protection, we know your home is important to you too. That’s why so many choose a Home-Tech Service Agreement for protection against unexpected repair bills. Some of  our Members live in Florida full time but others travel back and forth from the North. Both types love the convenience and peace of mind knowing that Home-Tech technicians are always ready to help with needed air conditioning and appliance repairs. Home-Tech is kind of like their rock solid turtle shell!

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

We all know the story of the race between the tortoise and the hare. (Factoid: Tortoises are on land and turtles are in water.) The hare made fun of the tortoise for his speed and was caught napping and lost the race. The question is, when you decide whom to hire as  your service company, do you go with the hare or the tortoise?

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Honu Green Sea Turtle Photo Credit Ricki Cole

Yes there are always flashy newcomers out there in the SW Florida service marketplace. But they are unproven or not holding up very well, based on their customer reviews. Home-Tech has been plugging away in the in-home service arena since 1981. It is our company culture to take our time and do things right. We are selling skilled labor and you can’t just find that in every company in SW Florida.

Hiring the right kind of knowledgeable technicians is difficult.That’s why Home-Tech has invested in our Apprenticeship Training Program. We “grow them from the start” and invest years and years of training into them. It takes a long time to learn all of the needed repairs for an in-home service company. It also takes a long time to learn exceptional customer service skills. We only want the best, most professional technicians on our staff. Our slow and steady training process  is part of what makes us the leading service company in SW Florida.

The Life Span of Turtles

Did you know that turtles can live 8 – 100 years depending on the species? That’s a long time to care for a pet, isn’t it? What about the life span of a company? How does a company have a long successful life span? We always consider what is best for our Members and our employee owners’ long term success and happiness.

Graduates 05 2017

Apprenticeship Graduates May 2017

The steps we take in the “race” are to make sure we are a solid company with professional technicians and support staff. That way we can be around for many years to serve our customers. Our CEO, Steve Marino, says, “A successful business is not determined by how much growth happens in a year, but by how many years it grows.” So, is Home-Tech like the tortoise? Yes, and we’re just fine with that! We are happy to celebrate World Turtle Day.

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Employee Ownership

“The key difference is quite simple. Employees own the business,” says the CEO, Steve Marino. “I think it’s the perfect model for a service business in Southwest Florida. What we offer employees is a piece of their business. When someone is vested, when they own a stake in something, they are more likely to stay. What does this mean to our customers? Our employees really care that every experience you have, every service that is done is TOP NOTCH.”

Join Lots of Happy Customers

Home-Tech’s Attaboy program is designed for customer feedback and we’re happy to share it. Let Home-Tech know how we are doing! We’re happy to receive your feedback.

Home-Tech is Rated A+

Our Google pageBBB page, Angie’s List reviews and more are all top notch. We appreciate the testimonials that we receive every day from our customers through email, our Google reviews and on our Better Business Bureau web page. Please keep sharing your thoughts about Home-Tech’s service!

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