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Joe Peed AC specialist Home-TechHome-Tech recently announced the promotion of one of our elite technicians to the new position of Indoor Air Comfort Specialist for Lee County. Joe Peed has been with Home-Tech for almost 5 years and has a total of 8 years experience working with HVAC equipment as a technician. I had a chance to sit down with him for an interview and hope you enjoy our talk as much as I did. Joe was promoted by Home-Tech because he is very knowledgeable and loved by the Home-Tech Members as a technician.

How Did You Hear About Home-Tech?Joe Peed

My sister worked there and still does. She vouched for Home-Tech as a great place to work with good people. I knew it was a good solid company and that’s the kind of company I wanted to be associated with. She was right! I love Home-Tech. I’ve been here 5 years and I want to retire here someday. And working with my sister every day is kind of nice!

You’ve Been Promoted Quickly!

Yes, it’s exciting! I came in with AC technical repair experience from working at another local company. I’ve spent 5 years at Home-Tech as a technician making air conditioning and appliance repairs. In those years I’ve worked hard. I like to be the best and won the most coveted award given to Home-Tech technicians each year of those 5 years! It’s nice to be rewarded for your efforts.

What Was Your Favorite Part of Being a Technician?

I love meeting our customers. There is such a nice variety of people. I love hearing their stories and helping them. They are really good people.

Joe in WarehouseDid You See This Promotion Coming?

No, not at all. I was totally shocked. It was exciting and a good change. I didn’t see outside sales coming for me, although I was always the top technician in sales of Service Agreements and other specials that Home-Tech offers its Members. I’ve had 8 years working with air conditioning systems, so this does seem like the next career step for me with Home-Tech. It’s nice when a company has faith in you and I don’t let people down.

Your Area is Lee County?

Lee County is my area to work and I’m excited about that. I like the communities in Lee County. Pelican Preserve is one of my favorites because it’s got a laid back feel. I am a laid back person. I have a low-pressure style, so it’s a good fit. Herons Glen is a favorite too. Everyone in there is awesome, so friendly!

Do you Serve Sanibel Residents?

As a technician I was out on calls on Sanibel every day. I know so many people there. Love the beautiful nature there. My goal now is to get there at least once a week and give AC system evaluations. Most of the time, when I see our Members, their system is already DOA.

One of our technicians has tried to fix it and it’s beyond repair. Customers are ready to upgrade and save money on utilities and have better cooling. What I like best about putting them in a new AC system is that it takes the stress from them. They know they can leave their home and they won’t have a system failure. I give them peace of mind, knowing that their new system will run properly.

Joe with family

Sister Katie Ackley (L) Joe and Family (R)

You Have a Family, Right?

Yes, I’ve been with my wife for 18 years and we have four kids. They are young, ages 13, 10, 8 and 3. I also love animals, so we have a lot of dogs. I always wanted to work with animals when I was younger. Now I still do. I keep pets and their families cool. Everyone always worries that their dog is bothering me. But I love my customer’s pets – the bigger the better. Let them jump on me and lick my face. It’s great!

Have You Ever Seen Anything Crazy or Shocking with an HVAC System?

Well once I couldn’t find a customer’s air handler. It was hidden in a cubby in his house, behind a false door in a wall. No one was home to help me find it. I had to call other technicians who had been there before, but no one could help. I went ahead and fixed the outside unit but had to come back later when the customer was home to find out where the air handler was.

What Are Your Goals as a New Comfort Specialist?

I want to beat some records and be the very best. And I want to meet a lot of  new customers. I believe in our Service Agreement and I’ll be selling more of them and bringing in new Members every chance I get. I want to keep my Service Agreement sales up. I’ve always been a leader in that – TOP in sales!

What’s Your Favorite AC Equipment to Recommend?SP32 20170615 152916

The Trane XV20i system is pretty amazing. It’s expensive, but worth the investment. I also like all of the premium Trane equipment, the XL16i, the XV18  because of the very durable cover on the condenser which protects from weather and rain. It also keeps dirt and leaves from getting inside, so the unit lasts longer. It helps with with corrosion.

Carrier high-end equipment is very good for removing humidity too. Some houses on the water or those that have a lot of windows have humidity problems. And if the homeowners leave their doors open to the pool area or are running in and out regularly, it’s a problem. Carrier equipment handles humidity the most efficiently.

How About a Favorite Customer?

Yes, I did have one and sadly she just passed away. Her personality was great! She was always “up” and happy and fun to talk to. She loved to chat and told some fun stories. I’m never in a rush with my customers. I want to get to know them. That way I can make the most appropriate recommendations.

Joe Peed 1Give Joe Peed a Call

If you would like to share some of your fun stories with Joe Peed and hear some of his (and also get a free air conditioning evaluation) call our AC Hotline # at (888) 851-7771 or fill out the Free Evaluation Form on our site. We’re very proud of Joe and excited about his promotion. We’d be happy to introduce him to you!

Attaboy for Joe Peed

“Joey Peed came to our house to discuss the various options we would have regarding the replacement of our A/C system.  He provided us with the necessary information regarding the differing manufacturers and their products.  Joey answered our questions and concerns.  This took quite some time but he was patient and courteous throughout the process.  At the end, we decided on a particular unit and all that needed to be done. He was very knowledgeable, professional and courteous.  Before leaving, we decided on a date for installation.  He said that the lead tech would arrive around 8:00 am and the crew would soon follow on the following Tuesday. Great job as usual.” R. Friedman

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Nick was awesome! He was working next door, I told him my problem. 10 minutes later I had a fixed washer, service agreement and happy wife! Thanks Home-Tech!
Rick B.