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new appliances breakWhy would you need a home warranty if you have new appliances? We hear it all the time. “I have new appliances. What can go wrong?” Well unfortunately a lot! Many SWFL residents checking out our Home Warranties (or as we call them, Service Agreements) mention to us that they have new appliances and don’t need a Service Agreement. We think it’s important for you to know the truth about your appliances.  Just because they are new, doesn’t mean they won’t break down. New appliances break down too!

Use It or Lose It

Have you ever visited your doctor and had him or her tell you to “use it or lose it” in reference to your muscles and working out? The same holds true for your appliances. Many customers who tell us they don’t need a Service Agreement end up calling us for a repair (and ultimately getting into one of our Agreements) because their newer appliance had a break down. Why did they break? They weren’t being used enough. Appliances need a work out just like people do.

If you are a seasonal resident and not here year round, your appliances sit for months with no usage. Appliances need to run. Their mechanical parts need to stay in motion. Not using your appliances doesn’t “save on wear and tear.”  We have found it actually has the opposite effect.

 Appliance Repairs on Units Under the Age of 10

Fifty percent of our weekly repairs are on units under the age of 10. That’s a surprising statistic isn’t it? We keep detailed records here at Home-Tech. We know our repair stats. Half of the time our technicians are in a home making a repair, it is on something newer.  One of the great things about having a Service Agreement is that if we can’t repair a newer appliance we will replace it. That is why we have our Member Appliance Center. It is for the convenience of our Members to pick out something new.  Free replacement coverage is a huge benefit of Service Agreement Membership!

They Don’t Make Them Like They Used To

Gone are the days of having a washing machine for 20 years. Remember those days?  Manufacturers just don’t make appliances like they used to. New appliances break because they are often made overseas. And the electronics in the appliances are very complex, which leads to even more failures. Our service requests that come in day after day are very interesting. Refrigerators lead the charge in needing repairs, then washers, then dishwashers.

The Manufacturer’s Warranty Game

Trust us, it’s not a fun game you want to play! You think you have coverage but when your new appliances break, the reality is, many manufacturers don’t make parts available even on one year old appliances! We see this in our repair business every day.

Don’t Have a Break Down  . . . Just Because Your Appliance Did

We know that when new appliances break it becomes a head ache. We want you to have peace of mind instead. Home-Tech offers emergency repair service 7 days a week, even on holidays. Just call us, text us or fill out one of our online forms to get on our schedule. We offer convenient 2 hour time frames for service. If it makes sense for you to have one of our Service Agreements, service call fees are not charged. Parts and labor charges on covered items are non-existent! You can check out pricing for a Service Agreement by following this link to get a free quote. So now you know, a home warranty for new appliances truly does make sense.

Service Agreement Questions?

Additional Equipment May Be Added and Many Options are Available. *Excludes Water Heaters.**Minimum Service Call Fee Applies. Some Restrictions Apply. For promotional use only. Please see official Service Agreement for details.

Home-Tech Members Love Their Service Agreements

Our Members agree that a Home-Tech Service Agreement offers true value.

I have been a Home-Tech customer for 5 years and feel their service plan is a great investment. With this plan I have peace of mind knowing if anything goes awry, Home-Tech has knowledgeable and considerate employees that will help even after-hours.
J. Kurth

Enjoy Your Leisure Time

We offer 2 hour time frames for the arrival of your technician. With our GOLD plan, for one low annual fee, you get a premier level of service, unlimited service calls, parts and labor coverage, emergency service (7) seven days a week (including on holidays) and an annual air conditioning Clean and Check, and so much more! Home-Tech SILVER gives the same coverage for a lower price. All you pay is our minimum service call fee each time a technician makes a trip to your home.