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florida-summerIt’s pretty obvious that the Sunshine State is sunny, and with a sunny day comes heat. Especially in the summer, Florida can be excruciatingly hot to the point where sitting out by the pool isn’t even fun anymore. If you’re looking for ways to keep your home cool during the summer without jacking up you’re A/C bill, you’ve come to the right place.

We all know that person who likes to keep their home at a crisp 68° and they don’t even seem to care about their electric bill at the end of the month. We’ve all probably been there during summer, but it’s always smart to save when we can, while also keeping comfortable.

Because of this, we’ve come up with some tips for when your air conditioning system is already maxed out, but you’re still fanning yourself with a paper plate and eating a bunch of popsicles. To keep your home cool without A/C, we recommend trying the following:

Keep Your Blinds Closed

This may be a given, but did you know that up to 30 percent of unwanted heat comes from your windows? Family Handyman gives good insight into why closing the blinds can save you up to 7 percent on bills. Bills add up and something as simple as closing the curtain when you leave for work in the morning can do wonders. Not only will you save money, but you’ll come home to a room that’s hardly been touched by the sun.

Change Your Sheets with the Seasonssummer-bed-sheets

Your air conditioning system probably isn’t the one to blame for a sweaty night’s sleep if you’re sleeping in flannel or fleece sheets in the summertime. This may seem obvious, but many people opt to simply sleep with whatever is most comfortable without regard for the seasons. Use cotton in the summer and switch to flannel or fleece during winter if you find yourself cold at night. Although, Florida is arguably never quite cold enough for flannel or fleece.

Keep the Doors Open

No, not the doors to the outside! Have you ever wondered why you open a bedroom door after a few hours and it has a musty smell? Keeping your doors closed can be the culprit. If your family is sitting in the living room, remind them to keep their bedroom doors open even if no one’s in there. This will keep the air flowing properly throughout your home. By shutting doors, you’re disabling A/C from permeating into these rooms. Let the air flow naturally throughout your home, so that each room is equally as cool as the next. Keep your doors open to keep your home cool without A/C!

grill-during-summerUse Your Grill

As mentioned previously, long nights of cooking can cause unwanted heat inside your house. If you’re looking for ways to keep your home cool, try grilling outside. Not only are you not letting the heat inside, but you’re also enjoying a beautiful evening outdoors. We recommend doing this for dinner, as opposed to lunch when the pavement could singlehandedly cook your burgers.

Turn on the Fans

We don’t mean your bedroom fans (but do that if it helps, too!). Your bathroom fan and kitchen exhaust fan pull hot air that rises out of the atmosphere. After a steamy shower or long night of cooking, putting the fan on can help disperse and remove this hot air. To remain money-conscious, be sure to turn these fans off after the steam or heat has dispersed.

home-tech-vanStill Looking for Ways to Keep Your Home Cool?

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