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florida-snowbird-mistakesWelcome to Florida! We’re excited to have you here, even if it’s only for part of the year. Home-Tech has been in business since 1981. That’s a long time! This means we’ve seen countless snowbirds come – some prepared more than others. That’s why we wanted to give some pointers on common snowbird mistakes. Home-Tech is not just an appliance and AC repair company – we’re here for the little things, too. By following along, you’ll head south feeling like a pro!

Overbooking Visitors

“When can we come visit?” As a Florida homeowner, you’ll hear this question a lot! While it is nice to see friends from your hometown, be careful not to overcommit and overbook visitors. This may seem like an odd suggestion, but think about it. You want to relax during your time in Southwest Florida. You’ll want to explore the beaches, enjoy the area’s restaurants and go shopping. You won’t be able to do this if you have company coming every week!

So, we recommend inviting friends or family once or twice a month. This way, you get to catch up with everyone, but still have plenty of time to unwind and explore on your own. You and your beautiful home may be the new talk of the town up north, but it’s important you allow yourself to truly enjoy your time in the sun!

Forgetting Florida Vehicle Registration

Did you know that if you drive your vehicle in Florida and are considered a Florida resident, you’re required to have Florida plates? Of all the snowbird mistakes to make, this one could cause you the biggest headache. Many snowbirds don’t realize that having a Florida address makes you a Florida resident. So, this means you’re responsible to comply with these rules. Now what?

To register a vehicle with the DMV, you’ll need four things:

  1. Current vehicle title
  2. Florida insurance card (don’t forget that living in Florida means you need Florida specific car insurance)
  3. Personal identification
  4. A completed application for title and registration

manateeDisregarding Florida’s Wildlife

Southwest Florida wildlife is very unique and fun to experience…from a distance! If a snowbird mistakes an alligator for a docile reptile, you may have some trouble. So, here are a few tips you’ll want to know regarding our wildlife:

  • Did you know turtles only migrate 1 mile in their whole life and can’t swim? Oftentimes, people think they’re helping by putting the reptile in water, but it’s best to let a turtle cross at his own speed. It’s nice to get out and make sure he doesn’t get hit by a car during travel, but moving him can actually harm him.
  • Remember this little saying for knowing if a snake is harmless or poisonous:  “Red touches black, safe for Jack. Red touches yellow, kills a fellow.”
  • You will most likely see an alligator at some point during one of your trips down south. Keep any pets away from bodies of water where gators may be present.
  • Manatees love to hangout in canals, but remember not to touch them! Touching a sea cow is actually illegal and can even lead to a violation of U.S. federal law. Look but don’t touch!
  • If you’re living somewhere with a lot of vegetation, you may experience an encounter with a coyote. For example, Sanibel and Captiva Islands have reported an uptick in these animals over the past couple years. Admire from afar and keep your dog on a leash to ensure safety.

Not Paying Attention to Weather Patterns

You’re coming to Florida to enjoy the warmth while your northern neighbors are freezing, right? Well, although most winters are exceptionally mild here, we have had a few outlier years. In 2015, temperatures hit a record low of 35 degrees in Southwest Florida. Once the sun comes out, you won’t need a coat, but you’ll definitely want some long sleeve shirts or light sweaters. Luckily, these days are far and few between, but being by the ocean breeze (especially at night) may make you want a blanket and cocoa. I’d say that’s still better than needing your parka every time the dog needs to go outside!

IMGP4141 1Not Treating Your SWFL Home as Your Second Home

Treat your Southwest Florida home like a second home, not a vacation home. What do we mean by this? Don’t just keep essentials at your Florida home. Keep miscellaneous necessities, a small wardrobe and other enjoyable goods stocked up for the next time you come down. Not only will it make your second house feel more like a home, but it’ll also give you the convenience of only having to go grocery shopping when you first get here.

Do you have a Home Warranty on your home up north? Here at Home-Tech, we call them Service Agreements. Purchasing one will make owning your second home less stressful. You’ve worked hard to create a Florida home, why not relax and enjoy without worrying about your AC going out on Christmas Day? Not to mention, when you head back north, you’ll leave knowing you have Home-Tech to depend on if things go wrong.

Avoid These Snowbird Mistakes with Home-Techair conditioning service straight talk

Not only is Home-Tech local to Southwest Florida and known for our A+ appliance repairs, but we’re here for the questions that seem too silly to ask. Whether you’re looking for the most common snowbird mistakes or in need of a new oven, Home-Tech has got you covered. If you’re new to the area, let us welcome you with a free Service Agreement quote!

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