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pool-heater-imageThe Sunshine State was given its nickname for a reason…it’s almost always sunny and hot. So, why would anyone need a pool heater then? Well, it’s not always as sunny and hot as you’d think. While winter for us may not include snow or ice, it does include a high of around 75° and a low of around 55° spanning from November to April. While these temperatures are extremely desirable for enjoying the outdoors, they’re not so pleasant when you want to take a dip.

For most people 82° is considered a comfortable swimming temperature, which means comfortable swimming exists in Southwest Florida from May to October. If you think about it, that’s six months of discomfort while swimming, and most people who have a pool want to enjoy the luxury all year-round. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if you’d rather swim all year long, or if you’re okay with passing up the pool for half of the year. The experts at Home-Tech are here to give all the facts regarding investing in a pool heater, as well as the types of pool heaters available.

Benefits of Having a Pool Heater in SWFL

As mentioned above, having a pool heater will give you up to 50% more time in the pool. Your investment will pay off because of the flexibility you’ll enjoy with a pool heater. Not only will you get to swim all year, but you’ll also get to swim day or night. Everyone knows when the sun goes down, the temperature drops. But sometimes it’s nice to enjoy a night swim, and with a pool heater you’ll be able to do just that. Another benefit people often don’t realize is that it’s not just a pool heater; it’s also a pool cooler! When the pool gets too warm during summer, you can control the temperature by making the water cooler.

Disadvantages of Having a Pool Heater in SWFL

It’s always worth considering if you’ll truly reap the benefits of a pool heater. Because a pool heater can cost somewhere between $1,000 and $4,000, it should be viewed as an investment – an investment that isn’t practical for everyone. Maybe you’re a seasonal resident or don’t enjoy swimming as much as you wish you did. The good news with living in Florida is that it’s usually never too chilly to just sit outside and enjoy the mild weather. If not swimming isn’t a deal breaker, then you may come to the conclusion that a pool heater isn’t for you.


Heating Options

There are three main choices you have when it comes to heating options for your pool. Each one has pros and cons, and should be considered carefully.

Heat Pumps

Pool heat pumps are similar to central air conditioning pumps in the way they function. A heat pump takes heat out of the air and transfers it into your pool water, just as a central air conditioning system takes heat from the inside of your home and pushes it outdoors. The main advantage of a pool heat pump is an economical and safe way to heat your pool. It provides consistent performance, allowing you to enjoy a heated pool at night or during cloudy weather. It’s also the second fastest way to heat your pool, aside from a gas heater.

Gas Heaters

Using propane or natural gas, gas heaters heat a pool the fastest of the three options and give you the flexibility to heat the pool to just about any temperature. Regardless of weather, you’ll be able to get the pool to whatever temperature you please. However, it’s important to remember that luxury comes with a cost. Being able to heat a pool fast and to whatever temperature you’d like is rather expensive and can creep up on you faster than you think.

solar-panelsSolar Pool Heaters

This environmentally friendly and cost efficient way to heat your pool allows you to keep your pool heater on 365 days a year. Because the sun never goes away, it’s dependable and stable. Something to consider with this option is that a pool contains thousands of gallons of water. It takes a lot to heat something of that capacity, and even small temperature changes take a lot of energy. This means you’ll need room for solar panels – usually 80-100 percent of the pool’s size. So unless you have plenty of room for solar collection, this option may sound better on paper.

The Right Heater for You

Whether you’re looking for stability and cost efficiency, immediate results or an eco-friendly option, there’s something for you and your pool. It’s important to consider cost, ease of use and how much you’ll use it.

Home-Tech knows the ins and outs of pool heaters because we offer a pool heat pump option for coverage with a Home Warranty. Although we don’t exclusively work on pool heat pumps, we understand their nature since they’re similar to air conditioning units. If you’re interested in a free Home Warranty (Service Agreement) quote, you can fill out this form or call us at 800-800-8356.

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