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An answer to all that noise your washer makes!

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Table of Contents

  1. Is It Bad If My Washer Shakes?
  2. How Much Should My Washer Shake?
  3. Why Does My Washer Shake?

For some people, laundry day is their relaxation. A day to reset the stressful week and prepare for the next with a fresh start and even fresher sheets! Unless, of course this day includes the rhythmic thumping of a washer machine that shakes.

If you are finding your laundry room has become a repeat noise complaint, it might be time to figure out exactly why your washing machine is shaking.

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Is It Bad if My Washer Shakes?

Inherently, there will be some shaking and vibrations from a washing machine. You may even find that front-load washers shake more than the top-load units! This will be true for even the most up-to-date makes and models.  So, is it bad if your washer shakes? No, as long as the washer is shaking within a normal range. 

How Much Should My Washer Shake?


The normal vibrations and shaking from a washing machine should not be audible outside your laundry room. If your neighbors are complaining that it sounds like you’re trying to wash bricks, then your washer is shaking too much!

If your washer shakes too much, it could cause damage to the unit and your home. It’s important to pinpoint exactly what’s causing the washer to shake to avoid this.

Why Does My Washer Shake?

There can be a number of reasons that your washer shakes; the best way to know the cause for sure is to call an expert.

If you’d like to try your own basic troubleshooting, the three most common reasons why your washer may shake are:

  • Too heavy a load – if you have too many clothes in your washer at once, they may not be getting distributed evenly.
    Solution: Lessen the load and spread your clothes out evenly inside the washer to stop the shaking.
  • Unleveled washer – if you press the washer lightly and it tilts, that’s a good sign it is off balance.
    Solution: Move the washer to a more sturdy floor and adjust the feet under the washer until it is level.
  • Mounting rack isn’t level – if you have a stacked unit, your washer may not be fully connected to the stacking frame.
    Solution: Adjust the stacking frame .

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Bring In The Experts

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