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A washer leak is not only an annoyance but a major hindrance! Not only are you mopping every laundry day, but your clothes may get that mildew smell. Gross! There are a lot of reasons why your washer might be leaking, but not every reason needs a proper freak-out moment.

Here are some of the possible reasons why your washer leak is happening and when you should panic about it.

You Should be Okay If…

These are situations in which a technician may not be necessary right away. With quick troubleshooting, you should be able to determine if these minor incidents are the root of the problem.

If these don’t seem to be the cause, it might be something more severe that requires a technician’s eye and know-how.

Your Top-Load Washer is Leaking from the Front

Typically, a top-load washer that is leaking the front isn’t cause for too much panic. More likely than not, the causes are user errors and can be corrected almost immediately.

The most likely causes for your washer leak are:

  • Clogged overflow tube from too much detergent
  • Having too many clothes per load (overloading)
  • Unlevel washer
  • Manually changing the frequency of the spray rinse

You Have a Loose Hose Clamp

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There should be a point where your washer machine’s drain hose meets the drainage pipe. At this point, your hose clamp should keep this connection tight and secure. If this hose clamp is loose (or missing), this could be the cause of your washer leak.

Sometimes the fix is as simple as finger-tightening the hose clamp! Other times, you’re not as lucky, especially if this clamp is found internally. If that’s the case, a technician familiar with your brand should have a look at the situation.

Your Catch Basket is Clogged

If you have an older model, there’s a chance your washer has a catch basket. It’s basically like the lint trap found in a dryer.

They can usually be found:

  • Along the top of the washer’s drum
  • On top of the agitator (No, not your sibling; it’s the center column of the drum)
  • At the end of the drain hose

The most common way to know if your washer leak is from a clogged catch basket is to see if you have excess fibers on your washed clothes.

You Should Start to Worry If…

This is when you may want to start looking for a technician or washer machine repair company.

Your Coupler is Broken

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If your washer leak is coming from the bottom of the washer, and you’re having to do multiple dry cycles from soaked clothes, then it is most likely a broken coupler.

The coupler is what sits between the washer drum and motor and saves the washer in an event of a malfunction. Basically, it’s supposed to break, so your washer doesn’t!

It’s fairly cheap to replace, but it’s a good idea to get a technician to check it out/replace it first as extended use on a broken coupler could mean worse damage.

You Should Panic When Your Washer Leak is From…

These are the situations in which all hope is lost for the average DIY-er. It is highly recommended that, if you think these are the causes of the washer leak, you call a technician.

A Bad Tub Seal

If you see that the washer leak happens at the start of your rinse cycle, it is most likely a bad tub seal. This seal is usually found at the top of the washer’s transmission and is incredibly difficult to get to.

On top of that, depending on the way the washer is made, it may need to be flipped over or completely disassembled just to get to the transmission! For this reason (and the fact that re-assembly is always a struggle), if your washer leak is from a bad tub seal, please call a professional!

A Bad Water Connection

From the wall to the water pump to the hoses connecting it all together, there are a lot of small areas where the washer leak could be coming from. If you find that your washer shakes or makes noises loud enough to hear from across the house, then it’s most likely the water pump.

However, the issue with the water pump could vary anywhere from a loose connection to one of its hoses to needing a full replacement. Because of the large gap in difficulty level for the average homeowner, it is highly recommended that you call a technician.

Stop Panicking and Call the Experts

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No matter if you think you’re in the “okay” level or “panic now” level, the guaranteed way to know why your washer leaks is by calling in the experts at Home-Tech!

Our technicians are trained in-house to ensure they are knowledgeable in an array of brands, makes, and models. And with our Employee-Owned company, you can rest assured knowing every employee will treat you with the utmost attention.

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