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If you’re tired of the way your stove keeps clicking, fret not! This problem is more common than you may think and doesn’t always mean there’s a disastrous reason. Though, as always, the best way to know for sure is to call in an expert.

Thermador stove keeps clicking

But before you dial that number, here are three of the most likely reasons why your stove keeps clicking and how to deal with the issues right at home! The first two are about gas stoves and the third is about electric stoves.

Clean Your Ignition System

If your gas stove keeps clicking even after you turn the unit off, the first and most likely culprit is a clogged ignition system. Food scraps and even grease can sometimes wedge themselves in these systems and cause the stove to continuously click.

Solution: Clean your ignition system!

  1. Turn your stove completely off and disconnect it from the power source. Yes, even if it’s a gas range!
  2. Take the burner cap off and scrub around the igniter. It’s recommended to use an old, dry toothbrush but any small brush can help get the job done.
  3. Unclog the fuel ports. You can use anything thin enough to get in there but a paperclip will do just fine for this part.
  4. Clean any grease or gunk off with rubbing alcohol. To keep it all contained, try using a Q-tip.
  5. Replace the burner cap, reconnect your stove, and see if the clicking stops.

If your stove stopped clicking, then fantastic! Mark your calendar to do the whole process again in three months time to keep it fresh and clean. If your stove keeps clicking, then move onto solution two… and mark your calendar anyways for that cleaning!

Replace the Burner Cap

thermador oven

After you’ve finished cleaning the gas stove’s ignition system, there’s a chance you may have moved the burner cap slightly out of place. To make sure this didn’t happen, you should see that the surface of the ignition system is completely covered by the burner cap.

Solution: Replace the burner cap by either re-centering it over the ignition system or fully replacing the cap itself.

If you see any gaps, bends, or other mishap that makes the burner cap not fit snuggly on top, then that might be the reason your stove keeps clicking. A misshaped burner cap needs to be replaced as the clicking sound you hear could be the gas stove’s igniter constantly trying to spark, even when it’s turned off.

Electric Stove Keeps Clicking

It’s perfectly normal for an electric stove to make a periodic clicking sound while it is in use. It’s also normal for it to click a bit when you first turn it and click slightly from cooling down after it’s been turned off. Otherwise, an electric stove clicking can be a sign of something serious going on.

However, a constant clicking noise from your electric stove could mean it’s trying to heat something up, even when it’s off. Even worse, it could be a sign of electrical malfunction within the system. These are a huge fire and safety hazard, so it’s important to get it checked out ASAP.

Best Way to Know Why Your Stove Keeps Clicking

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Sometimes the best at-home solution is to call a technician from Home-Tech! Our stove experts can diagnose and repair why your stove keeps clicking thanks to our dedication to continuous training.

Call or send a stove repair request today to save yourself from going absolutely nutty!

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