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Thankfully, the average dryer isn’t made of too many parts. This makes the troubleshooting process go a bit easier, even for someone not professionally trained. Though it should be noted that the best way to know for sure what’s causing the issue is by calling an expert, and at no point should you try to fix the issue yourself (even if you’ve seen it on YouTube!)

Here are the five most likely reasons for your dryer squeaking.

Loose Door

Starting off with the first possibility, check your dryer’s door! Dryers will have a natural movement to them and that movement could cause some damage to your dryer door hinges.

Check the hinges themselves and the area around them for any markings or indications of movement. Then, run your dryer like normal and put your ear close to the door itself. If it’s squeaking, then you might just have your culprit!

Dryer Belt

If your dryer squeak is coming from the top, it’s a good indicator that your dryer belt is having issues. It could be torn from being too old, stretched from being overworked, or (in extreme situations) could have broken off completely!

Although a lot of articles will try and tell you how easy it is to fix a dryer belt from home, this isn’t always the case. Unless you have a strong understanding of what every part within the dryer is, this Do-It-Yourself fix can quickly become Don’t-Do-It! This is especially true if you have an older unit with a heavier drum.

For future reference, you can help keep your dryer belt from becoming worn faster by introducing a lubrication. The best would be a spray belt lubricator, designed for your dryer belt, but a bar of soap can work in a pinch.

Idler Pulley

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On the opposite side, if your dryer squeak is coming from the bottom it could be the idler pulley. This is the part that helps keep the dryer belt taunt while the drum rotates. Without it, the dryer wouldn’t be able to function as the drum couldn’t rotate.

The best way to know if your dryer squeak is caused by the idler pulley, you would have to take either the top or sides of the dryer off. You want to be able to physically see the idler pulley to check for a loose or broken wheel.

If your dryer’s manual doesn’t have instructions on how to gain access to the idler pulley, or you’re not comfortable with doing so, then the second-best method is to simply put your ear to the bottom of your dryer. If it’s squeaking, it’s probably that!

Drum Bearing

Is your dryer squeak coming from the back of the unit? Then it’s most likely your drum bearing. The drum bearing is basically what allows the drum to spin. Even if this part is damaged, your dryer will still work but absolutely will squeak!

If it is your drum bearing, they might just need some lubrication. If you are lubricating your drum bearing, you might as well get the roller wheels too; they’re right there anyways!

A more severe reason for the drum bearing to squeak is something has been caught in one of its bearings. This is usually from coins or other small items, but they need to be removed immediately. Although doing it from home is not recommended, if you do try, please wear safety gloves!

Strip Felt

There are some models of dryers that have a strip felt on the front and rear. Typically, these models are more prone to having the drum wear them out. That could be the cause of your squeaking dryer. If that is the case, you’ll need a technician’s know-how to fix it.

The Motor is Causing the Dryer Squeak

If the dryer squeak is coming from the back of the unit, AND there’s a nasty burning smell… it’s probably the motor.

Bad news: This is the most expensive repair and most people end up saving money buying a brand new dryer!

Good news: There’s a small chance it could be built up lint! Check your lint catcher and recently dried clothes for any excess lint and/or fibers. If so, then you simply have a lint build-up in your dryer.

If it is the motor though, you absolutely have to have a technician come take a look. Not only could an at-home misdiagnose cost you a new dryer, but the motor would need to be replaced immediately!

Call a Technician

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Although dryers are made up of the same parts, each part can vary slightly by brand. Leave the headache of trying to find the dryer squeak in the dust; call a Home-Tech technician instead!

Our technicians are trained in-house and NATE certified, so they’re knowledgeable in an array of dryer brands! With a Home-Tech service agreement, you can have a technician look at your dryer seven days a week for emergency repairs.

Call or submit a dryer repair request today to find out exactly why Home-Tech has the best technicians in all of Southwest Florida!

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