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dryer not drying

Dryer not drying even though it’s right in the name: dryer?

With today’s smart technology, it’s a wonder dryers aren’t able to tell our phones what the problem is yet. Until that futuristic day, we’ll have to rely on good ole human troubleshooting, so here is the 2022 answer to your agony of why your dryer is not drying.

Quickest Fix for Your Dryer Not Drying

Your dryer not drying could be any number of reasons, but these are the reasons that you hope it is. They’re easy to figure out if it is the issue, and even easier to fix!

Don’t Overload the Dryer

laundry basket

As nice as it would be to shove all your laundry into one load for your dryer, that’s not the best way to get them dry!

Your dryer’s manual should have a suggested range for max load capacity.

However, if trying to figure out how much 7kg of laundry is sounds frustrating, the general rule of thumb is: no more than a small basket.

Yell at the Washer

It’ll make you feel better! Plus, your dryer not drying may not actually be the issue; it could be your washer soaking your clothes too much.

If you pull out a load of laundry and your clothes are dripping wet, then your washer is the culprit, not your dryer. Consider changing your regular wash settings to something lighter or having your washer inspected by a technician.

Fixes That Take Some Time

Sometimes it’s not something as simple as changing how you wash your clothes, but it’s nothing major like replacing a motor. These are some of the possible causes for your dryer not drying that could take some time to fix but nothing too significant.

Unclog the Lint Vent

Yes, this does include the lint tray that you should be cleaning out after every dry cycle. But this also goes beyond that by including the full vent system, so grab some pipe cleaners and a mask!

dryer vent maintenance
  1. Disconnect the dryer, then the dryer duct. That’s the silver tube that runs to the dryer exhaust out of your house.
  2. Vacuum out any lint around the dryer duct. If you have insulation or heavy-duty gloves, you can start by removing the lint by hand, then using a vacuum (with long-nose attachment) to get the harder-to-reach stuff.
  3. Clean the exterior vent. This is the vent on the outside of your house. Same thing as before with the vacuum.
  4. (Optional) Use a dryer brush. It’s basically like a toilet brush for your dryer vent. These are recommended if your vacuum can’t reach all the way into the vent for proper cleaning.
  5. Reconnect and test your dryer. Run it on the air-dry setting for about 15 minutes to make sure any excess lint that you may have missed gets pushed out. Clean out the lint tray, and you should be good!

Clean Out the Dryer Vent

More cleaning?! This is important to help reduce the risk of fire and allow your dryer to work at its best. You’ll need to clean the dryer vent that goes through your house. Regardless if that means straight from the dryer to outside or all the way into the roof, you’ll want a company to do that. We recommend AMEROVENT for all your dryer vent cleaning needs.

Bad Fuse

If you have an older dryer, then chances are your thermal fuse has gone bad and needs to be replaced. If you feel comfortable enough doing so, you can remove the dryer’s cover and test the thermal fuse with a continuity tester. Otherwise, call a technician to check if this is the cause for your dryer not drying.

Dryer Not Drying? Call an Expert!

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