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SP32-20150813-144343At Home-Tech, we get all kinds of calls about household appliance repair. We’ve heard it all. But, you may be surprised to learn that many appliance users don’t call us soon enough. Here is a simple rule of thumb: If an appliance isn’t working exactly right then it’s time to call us for expert appliance repair

5. The Washer or Washing Machine

  • The basin is taking forever to fill
  • A burning odor is coming from the washing machine
  • The washer is making whining noises
  • The washer has stopped spinning
  • The washing machine is not draining

home-tech-household-appliance-repair4. Range or Oven

  • The oven isn’t reaching the desired temperature
  • There are sparks coming from the oven
  • The burners on the cooktop are not lighting
  • The oven dials, clock or displays are not functioning
  • Oven door will not close

3. Refrigerator

  • Food isn’t as cool as it should be
  • The fridge is humming making a really loud high pitched tone
  • There is condensation on the seals of the refrigerator
  • A pool of water has formed underneath or behind the fridge
  • Frost is visible inside the refrigerator

dishwasher repair 2. Dishwasher

  • Dishes are dirty after running the dishwasher cycle
  • The water in the dishwasher won’t get hot
  • There is rust on the bottom of the machine
  • The dishwasher is leaking water and soap onto the floor
  • The latch on the dishwasher isn’t securing properly

1. Dryer – The Most Common Appliance Repair!

  • Clothes are taking a really long time to dry
  • Dryer is shaking violently
  • Loud noises are coming from the dryer
  • The dryer won’t tumble
  • Clothes are marked or torn from the dryer

Home-Tech Has Household Appliance Repair Down to a Science

When you call Home-Tech, you get a trustworthy, experienced and reputable household appliance repair service. Our appliance repair technicians are trained to repair any brand of appliances. No repair is too big for Home-Tech and we welcome taking on any of your biggest appliance repair challenges. Day or night, emergency service or a scheduled call, Home-Tech has got you covered.

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