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Home-Tech’s appliance repair technicians have helped lots of customers with appliance repair before, during, and after their Thanksgiving feast. Oven emergencies, ice maker meltdowns, fridge freak-outs, and cooktop collisions are commonplace this time of year. When an appliance breakdown happens, you can call us, even on Thanksgiving!

How to Avoid Appliance Repair Emergencies

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1. Do a test run with your kitchen appliances before the big day.

Test out your oven, range, cooktop, dishwasher, and ice makers before the family will be gathering at your home. This provides you enough time to schedule an appliance repair service, without the extra hassle.

2. Do NOT put turkey bones, egg shells, or turkey grease in your garbage disposal!

Turkey bones and these other items are definite No-Nos when it comes to your disposal. If in doubt, THROW IT OUT (in the trash.) Check out this blog post all about what foods are/aren’t safe for your garbage disposal.

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3. Don’t self-clean your oven the day before Thanksgiving.

We recommend you perform the oven self-clean AFTER Thanksgiving. Appliance studies revealed that ovens will often break or not operate properly after a self-cleaning cycle is run.

It happens so often that we have an entire blog post dedicated to things you should know before starting an oven’s self-clean.

4. Free up space in your refrigerator.

If your fridge is filled to the brim with your Thanksgiving day ingredients, make sure you leave room for the door to close. If you can’t fit a cheese log in there, you have packed it to the max.

An overflowing refrigerator will keep the door from closing, and in turn, will not keep your food cool.

5. Don’t get locked out of your oven.

Make sure the lock on your oven door is functioning properly. Nothing is worse than a turkey or an oven full of food that you can’t get to!

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6. If your dishwasher isn’t working properly right now, it won’t work right on Thanksgiving.

If you think your drain might be clogged, look for the culprits like chicken bones, plastic wrap, and broken glass. If you think your dishwasher is on its last leg, don’t wait until it is too late, get it repaired today!

7. If it leaks, fix it!

No one wants to eat a rancid turkey, so make sure your freezer is keeping your holiday foods frozen. As most ice makers are incorporated into the freezer, make sure that is working as well.

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Sending your cousin or uncle down to the supermarket to get ice on Thanksgiving will not make for a pleasant evening.

8. Be an attentive chef!

Unattended cooking leads to oven or stovetop fires. Always keep a lid handy to smother flames. Should a fire occur in the oven, turn it off and keep the door closed. 

Keep anything that can catch fire, like oven mitts, wooden utensils, food packaging, or towels away from your stove or cooktop surfaces.

Home-Tech is Open on Thanksgiving for Emergency Appliance Repair

We suggest you schedule your appliance repair services prior to Thanksgiving. But if you have an emergency, we will be able to assist you in your time of need.

Should you find yourself with an oven whose temperature is 100° less than the dial, or if the dishwasher floods the kitchen, we will be there. Home-Tech is always a phone call away. Call today for your appliance repair service: 800-800-8356.

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