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air-conditioning-installation-technicianWhen you are shopping around for an air conditioning company to handle your air conditioning installation project you will find that there are companies that go the extra mile and companies that cut corners.  Home-Tech has been in business in SW Florida since 1981.  With an AC installation from Home-Tech there are 18 distinctions you will see and feel. Here’s a list of all the EXTRA work that we do, to be sure that your installation is top quality.  Your new indoor comfort system will be backed by Home-Tech, the area’s number one air conditioning service company since 1981. Contact the air conditioning specialists at Home-Tech for a visit and free quote.

Why Choose Home-Tech for Air Conditioning Installation?

  1. You will work with a trusted, award winning employee owned company. Employee ownership makes all the difference in integrity and employee pride in doing the job right.
  2. Our technical representatives are knowledgeable, fully trained and NATE certified. They will inform, assist and give you the homeowner the tools you need to make an educated purchase decision.
  3. Our installers are trained, uniformed and again NATE certified. They understand the systems, equipment and operation of today’s sophisticated cooling and heating products.
  4. Home-Tech complies with all local municipal rules, codes and permitting. These protect you, the consumer and homeowner.
  5. We will verify that all system equipment is properly matched as designed and qualifies for all available utility rebates and federal tax credits.
  6. Our lead installer will arrive early on the day of your installation to inspect and verify that all necessary equipment and materials are on the job site.
  7. Our certified installers and technicians will recover the old system’s refrigerant according to EPA established regulations.
  8. Installers will also modify the location of your air handler if needed, to ensure optimal operation.
  9. Minor duct work changes and connections are included in our standard system pricing. You may need additional modifications or complete ductwork replacement to be compatible with today’s high efficiency equipment.
  10. The copper lines connecting the air handler, your inside unit and the condenser, your outside unit require proper sizing. We will make all necessary changes as per manufacturer’s recommendations.
  11. Plenums which are the boxes on each end of the air handler will be fabricated on site for proper adaptation to your existing duct system.
  12. An in-line filter drier, which keeps the system’s refrigerant or cooling fluid clean and free of contaminants is always included in a Home-Tech installation.
  13. All Home-Tech installations include the proper “tie downs” or hurricane straps for your outside condensing unit which are rated for up to 150 mph.
  14. Depending on the complexity of the air conditioning installation a field supervisor will be on site and assist in the installation and/or start up.
  15. During start up we perform a static pressure test which confirms there is proper air flow through your air handler and duct system.
  16. Home-Tech uses a flow hood to be sure that your system is balanced allowing even and balanced air to every room.
  17. Usually the following day or when it’s convenient for you, our technical representative will give you an orientation and answer any questions regarding your new high efficiency indoor comfort system.
  18. After a few weeks, our technical representative will check back with you again by phone or email to see if you have any further questions.  We want you to be absolutely satisfied.

If you need more convincing as to why Home-Tech is the right air conditioning installation company for you, check out our reviews and testimonials. They truly do speak for themselves. If your appliance is on the fritz or your air conditioner is struggling, just contact us and we’ll get you squared away in no time.

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Employee Ownership

“The key difference is quite simple. Employees own the business,” says the CEO, Steve Marino. “I think it’s the perfect model for a service business in Southwest Florida. What we offer employees is a piece of their business. When someone is vested, when they own a stake in something, they are more likely to stay. What does this mean to our customers? Our employees really care that every experience you have, every service that is done is TOP NOTCH.”

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Home-Tech is Rated A+

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I always feel good about having a Home-Tech employee come to service my home appliances. I appreciate your employees and how they are treated as employees of a great company in SW Florida. Keep up the good work!
A. Schwindt