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Washing Machine Laundry Detergent DispensingHow much is too much? Remember the old days when a plastic scoop came in your powdered laundry detergent? There was no question about laundry detergent dispensing. You just put in a scoop, right? If things were really grimy, maybe you put in a heaping scoop. Well, today’s laundry appliances and laundry detergents have become more complex. You just can’t blindly add a scoop anymore. It’s actually harmful to your washing machine and can make your skin itchy if you add too much detergent. You can see pictured below what using too much soap does to your washing machine.

Here’s The Scoop on Laundry Detergent Dispensing

With many people switching to basic liquid and HE detergents, there is no more scoop. Now we deal with a cap. How much should you pour in a cap . . . the whole cap, half a cap? It’s a mystery. Where’s the line? With a front loading washer you use less than you use with a top loading washer, but how much less? How much is too much?

Whirlpool Duet with Detergent Dispenser Washing Machine Fill It and Forget It

Whirlpool® has created an ingenious bulk laundry detergent dispensing container that you only have to fill once every 12 loads, or XL is every 40 loads! This option is the Load & Go Dispenser and Load and Go XL Dispenser. You simply remove the cartridge, fill it, put it back in and the washer does the rest. The washer measures out the right amount for each load based on the size and the soil level. That is some helpful technology!

Now everyone in the family can get it right. When you, your mate, or your kids do a load of laundry, it will be with the correct amount of detergent. The XL dispenser holds enough to do 40 loads! You will use detergent more efficiently and not damage your washing machine by using too much. There is no more guesswork. And, the control panel lets you know when it’s time to refill the dispenser again.detergent-pennies-reduced

And if you are measuring your detergent by hand we recommend no more than two (2) tablespoons of detergent for a regular sized load.  Of course detergent companies are going to tell you to use lots more because they want to sell more detergent. Also, take it really easy on the fabric softener.  Less is more for the health of your machine.


laundry drum damage from detergent

Laundry equipment damaged from too much detergent.

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