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SONY DSCLet’s face it. We all have that friend or older family member wondering are microwaves dangerous? Have they studied the advancements in appliances and the microwave oven? Well, look to the appliance experts at Home-Tech to  walk you through Microwaves 101.  What should you really know? In all honesty, the most dangerous thing about a microwave is burning yourself on the hot food that comes out.

Are Microwaves Dangerous? Find Out Below

True or False: Microwaves Destroy the Nutrients in Food?

FALSE.  We have found that most studies on the topic reveal very little difference in nutrient value of foods cooked in a microwave versus food cooked by other heating methods. Certainly, there are delicate vitamins, like vitamin C,  that are widely known to be damaged by heat.  Fortunately for all of us in Florida,  vitamin C is plentiful in fruits and vegetables. We recommend eating a wide variety of raw fruits and vegetables to supplement your nutritional intake.

True or False: Microwaves Will Make Me or My Food Radioactive?

FALSE. Microwaves are a non-ionizing form of radiation. Before you get worried, this means they are not powerful enough to expose radioactivity to foods you are warming. When this radiation, like the kind that occurs in your microwave oven, is applied in intense doses, it then causes polarized molecules to rotate. This then creates friction, which then heats the substance. This is how a microwave oven warms your food. So to answer the question, no, microwaves will not make you or your food radioactive.

Improving the Science of Microwavesmicrowave D3 hidden controls 1

According to our friend and scientist, Darya Pino, PhD, his research has found that, “the greatest danger from being exposed to microwaves is burning”. If the seal on your microwave oven is compromised and your skin or eyes are near this area, there is a slight risk of injury. Luckily, microwave construction over the past several decades has become very efficient and it is extremely unlikely your microwave is leaking. If you are worried that your microwave might be leaking, it is probably time for a new one, (or an appliance repair from Home-Tech).

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